E3 Expo 2013 Nintendo Loot

Didn’t get the chance to visit a participating Best Buy for Nintendo’s E3 antics this year? This auction’s a good chance for you to get the promo items you missed out on for a decent price. This lot comes with the “Year of Luigi” commemorative coin (out of shrink wrap), two Mario Kart flags, a Chain Chomp plush, and a Luigi hat canteen pouch. A decent spread for a decent price, considering the insane asking prices elsewhere.

Auction Here

Other Auctions:

Final Fantasy VII advent children advent pieces limited – Awesome special edition set for the FFVII: Advent Children movie. Comes with a Cloud/motorbike figure, making of DVD, OVA bonus disc, a copy of FFVII International for PS1, and more. NTSC-J

Hellknight Statue: First 4 Figures for Doom id (510 of 1400)

24 Super Star Fox Competition Nintendo Promo Gaming Participant Pins – Want a commemorative pin from a historic Star Fox SNES competition, presumably Starfox Super Weekend? Why not 24 of them? I have no idea how one obtains this many of such a specific pin, but I’m not asking questions

Bandai PIPPIN Game GUNDAM TACTICS MOBILITY FLEET 0079 – One of the few official titles for the Apple-Bandai Pippin, this one a Gundam 0079 SRPG

NINTENDO GAMECUBE Demo Mini-Disk May 2002 J – Japanese Gamecube store demo disc from May 2002. Online documentation on the Japanese demo discs is poor, but the description claims the disc contains a demo/video for Mickey Mouse and the Enchanted Mirror, if this helps to identify the disc

SEGA Dreamcast – Arcade Stick Controller HKT-7300 – Sturdy-looking official Dreamcast fight stick from Sega

Nintendo 64 Gold model Limited Edition Boxed Console – I often see N64 gold controllers for auction, but rarely the whole console set

SEGA DREAMCAST “IT’S THINKING” BANNER – Dreamcast ad banner. Now you too can hang this monument to what could (and should) have been Sega’s second coming!



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