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Etsy Hunting for 02/24/11

Well this is a long overdue.. Etsy is very time consuming. There’s just way too much stuff on there it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve decided today I’ll just post a few noteworthy ones..

Famicom Phone Case Made of Felt – $28

From the description:

This case is made of 1mm cream and maroon colored felt with a cream felt lining. Hand-cut felt details are sewn over the front of the case. A small flap with a velcro closure, and black straps are added at the opening on top. The felt eject button is raised and lightly stuffed with fiberfill.

Dimensions: 5 1/4″ x 3 1/8″
Fits: iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch

Super Mario Chip Board Set – $25

From the Description:

Material Brown chip board backings
· Quantity: three (3)
· Dimensions: 7″ (w) x 5″ (h)
· Notice: Actual colors may vary
· Limited Production: Only 5 sets exists (2 privately held)
· Authenticity: Signed, dated, and numbered on the back

Nintendo Inspired iPAD or Tablet Sleeves – $48

Finding a really nice sleeves for your gadget could be a bit tedious. There are cheap ones that look the same as the $40-$50, but you normally get what you pay for. Then the expensive ones gets badly reviewed.. These sleeves looks really nice for the same price as those found in store plus you get your favorite Nintendo characters. Seller has alot more to choose from.

Also related is this Question Block iPad sleeve for $34

Mario Crochet Rug – $65

Very nicely done rug. Not for me though.

From the description:

Rug measures 54×44 in. It’s made of solid crochet squares, which make it tough and give it a pixel-y look.

8bit Mario Inspired Granny Square Afghan Blanket – $250

This screams awesome. Maybe Link should buy it for his baby 🙂 Anyways, allow takes 6-8 Weeks working time for this to be delivered. Let’s just hope by that time you haven’t lost any interest.

From the description:

This Afghan is made up of over 200 Granny Squares, each meticulously sewn together, with the greatest attention paid to each detail. It is meant to be a likeness of a popular video game character. It measures 72″L x 56″W. Colors as shown.

6-8 Weeks Working Time
Blanket made for Chelsea as specified in Convo.

If you are interested in ordering a Blanket of your own, please convo me, and I will answer any questions and set up your very own reserved listing.



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