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Etsy Thursdays: It’s expensive

Here’s some pretty expensive stuff I found on Etsy today. How things have changed over the past few months.. Sellers on Etsy have finally moved on from embroidery pieces (all like 20,000 of them) to customized themed cakes and other great works of art.

Mario Inspired Latex Dress

Etsy (seller is from Belgium) for $465

It’s true, gamers have fantasy too (that rhymes). It’s hard to imagine seeing someone with this at ComicCon or something, but stranger costumes have been cosplayed before so I guess it’s not really much of a big deal. It’s nice to see Bullet Bills covering the nipples at least (kind of..) 🙂 Maybe this is something Katy Perry would probably wear.

8-Bit Mario Bros Perspex Collection

Etsy, $300 (+shipping)

These things are really nice. They are laser cut and hand assembled works of art. The Set includes all 4 pieces: Mario, Gumba, Mushroom, and Spiny. You can probably make one using cardboard or a foam board for a fraction of the cost. But, if you have money to burn, why not.

Petey the Piranha Plant Munny

Etsy – $115 (£70.00 GBP)

It’s a known fact that villains or baddies usually tends to sell for a lot more than the good guys. Besides, nobody wants to play with the villains. Even my 7 year old son doesn’t like playing with Wario or Waluigi. If you’re wondering what a Munny is, it’s a blank doll figure you can buy and decorate on your own. People have made amazing pieces like these Piranha Plant and have since it was first introduced. The possibilities seems endless. I chose this Piranha Plant money because it looked really nice.






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