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Exotic Consoles | Rarest Playstation 1 In The World

hold on to your butts

Hold your hats, ladies and gentleman.

The rarest Playstation 1 console IN THE WORLD was recently listed for sale on Ebay.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Straight Outta the 90’s – One Of ONLY 10 Playstation 1 Formula 1 Team Jordan Console Appears

Playstation 1 Formula 1
Rare f1 ps1 from Team Jordan on Ebay

Right now at this very moment, you can purchase the Playstation 1 Formula 1 Team Jordan. There are only 10 of these babies in the entire world. You could be the proud owner of one of them!

This yellow Formula One Playstation console is still in excellent condition considering that is was used. Of course, that’s really no surprise given this pieces sheer rarity.

There is some slight wear and tear to the sticker that is on the lid of the console. The original box is not included in the sale of the Playstation console. It is still a great collector’s piece to invest in!

Another great thing to consider with this exotic console is that it is still in working condition.

So, What the Heck Is The Team Jordan F1 PS1??

The history behind this console is actually very fascinating.

It was given away as an exclusive prize by the Irish racing team, Team Jordan, back in the late 1990’s. It was such a special prize that only 10 were given away (making it a very cool collector’s piece now)!

Due to the extreme rarity of this console, there is not a lot of information out there about it on the internet.

In fact, the Playstation museum does not even possess this console in its seemingly infinite collection!

The snake design on the top of the console is custom spray painted and is not a decal or sticker. Not surprisingly, the PS Formula 1 Team Jordan console has a greater value if it comes with its original box, the original controllers, user guide, etc.

Gimme the Deets For This Formula One Playstation

As mentioned previously, this particular listing for the PS Formula 1 Team Jordan console does not include those items. It is still extremely valuable nevertheless and an awesome piece for any serious collector to own!

This listing has a hidden reserve price on it that has not yet been met.

Who knows. You may be able to scoop it up at a decent price.

If you are serious about owning this rare collectible console, you may want to place a bid that you feel is reasonable. Who knows, you may become the next owner of this incredibly rare console!

Assuming the reserve isn’t too high, this item is so rare it may end up flying under the radar of many serious collectors.

If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to place a bid, you have some time to think it through. This auction does not end until Saturday, May 13. Remember, you may not see another sale for this rare console anytime soon.

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