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Extremely Unique Atari Trophy

super rare atari trophy nolan bushnell This was up a few months ago and now seems to be relisted.

This was given to my mother who worked for Atari when it was first starting out. This was given as an award for getting first place in a company Pong tournament. She beat Nolan Bushnell (the godfather of gaming, creator of Pong and founder of Atari). The trophy is roughly 8in tall and is in exceptional shape other than some light scratches on the outside. This is a collectors item and extremely RARE! The only other one that I’m aware of is part of a museum and of course is not for sale. This is a way for someone to own a part of history and the only place you’re going to find one of these for sale.

While the $499.99 starting bid is more than I would pay, it might be worth that much to someone. It’s certainly more affordable than the $2,000.00 BIN they were hoping for last time.



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