Fallout Three & Interplay Promo Items

I am a self admitted Fallout fanboy. Expect me to showcase everything I find as the release date for the third installment grows closer.

fallout 3 viewmaster simtek 1000 E3 apparently brought some new promo items out for the game. Up on eBay now is an empty Bottle of Nuka Cola and a very unique SimTek 1000 Viewmaster. Nuka Cola should be a very familiar item for anyone who has played through either of the games. The viewmaster is really something special though. It’s a custom viewmaster (those things you probably played with as a child) with a bunch of game images that appear in 3D.

Another seller has a bunch of various Interplay promo items. They seem to be an ex employee, as they’ve been selling a few similar things lately. Right now they have a Fallout Tactics Standee, a paperweight from the game Of Light and Darkness, a Mini Handcuff set from the PS1 game Crime Killera pair of binoculars from the horrible PC game Voyeur, and a Baldur’s gate rubber stamp which was only used internally.

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