Though the Sega Genesis is no longer being produced, there are many sellers and buyers collecting the old and rare Sega Genesis games. The rarest of the games are very valuable to game collectors.

If you are currently in possession of any of the following Sega Genesis rare games, Sega MegaDrive Games, or home-brew games for Sega, you may want to continue to hold onto them. It is likely that their value will continue to increase as time continues to pass.

These games for the Sega Genesis and Sega MegaDrive are organized from most rare to least rare. A rating of 10 indicates that the game is extremely rare and hard to come by. The lowest rating is a 1, which indicates that the game is least rare and easiest to locate. In each summary, you will find information on the game’s current level of rarity, a brief summary of each video game, and a Genesis price guide for the particular game being reviewed.

The prices of the rare Genesis games listed below in the Sega Genesis price guide are based on a 90-day history from the time that this list was created. If we could not find the price from the past 90 days, then the listed price was pulled from the most recent historical data. The prices we have included represent both loose, complete, and new games.

Rare Sega Genesis Games and Video Game Price Guide:


Blockbuster World Championships IIBlockbuster World Championships II

Rarity: 9

This rare game was not intended to fall into the hands of gamers. Instead, Blockbuster stores were supposed to use them in stores for a nation-wide video game competition. At the conclusion of the competition, the games were supposed to be returned. Because this game was not actually sold to consumers, it is incredibly rare. In fact, it is so rare that it typically cannot be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay. However, a few collectors own copies of this game making it highly valuable.

Price: $2,520 (Loose; typically one sale per year) – $? (Complete: Unknown) – $? (New: Unknown)

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Outback Joey

Outback JoeyRarity: 9

Outback Joey is a Sega Genesis rarity due to the low number of copies produced (1,000 units). The game was sold as a bundle along with the Heartbeat Personal Trainer. The game has to be played while using the Heartbeat Personal Trainer equipment. Just a few collectors are known to possess copies of this rare games. As a result, the ROM has not yet been dumped. For 1k or 2k, you may eventually be able to get your hands on a copy of this cartridge. Just remember, you need the Heartbeat Personal Trainer equipment for this to be a playable game.

Price: $2,025 (Loose, with 2 sales per year) – $? (Complete: Unknown) – $? (New: Unknown)

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master of monstersMaster of Monsters

Rarity: 8.5

This turn-based (hexagonal) strategy game released back in 1991 is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Gamers who played this game would move their monsters around the game board as they worked to defeat other players. Two sequels to this game (Master of Monsters Value Edition and Masumon Kids) was later created due to the success of Master of Monsters. However, this original version has become a rarity. If you do come across this game, you will likely find it being sold for a pretty hefty price. This rare game is most valuable if you can find it brand new.

Price: $38.00 (Loose, with 1 sale per week) – $99.95 (Complete, with 1 sale per month) – $500.00 (New, Unknown)

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Sega Genesis GAME FACTORY BLUE & GAME FACTORY GREEN Blockbuster Video Game CartridgesBlockbuster Game Factory Green

Rarity: 8

There are two versions of these Blockbuster Game Factory cartridges. There was a blue cartridge as well as this green one. This made-for-Blockbuster cartridge had a bit more flash memory space than its blue counterpart. Otherwise, it is exactly the same. These cartridges were created exclusively for Blockbuster stores to load games onto for customers. After the system was phased out at Blockbuster stores, the cartridges were supposed to be returned to the system owners. However, some customers held onto the game factory cartridges, and some Blockbuster employees took them home to keep. As a result, these cartridges are rather rare and fairly valuable. Some of the cartridges still contain games that had been loaded onto them, although many of the remaining few are blank.

Price: $125.00 (Loose, with 3 sales per year) – $?? (Complete, Unknown) – $?? (New, Unknown)

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musha sega genesisMUSHA ++MEGADRIVE

Rarity: 8

This ‘shoot ’em up’ style game was popular in Japan in the early 90’s, but not so much in the United States. Because it never became extremely popular in the United States, it has become a rarity. Over time, this game has gradually increased in value since its release in 1990. It is more easily accessible than the previous 2 games we listed, but it is still rare and very desirable to collectors as it is difficult to find. Some refer to this game as the ‘holy grail’ of shooter games. If that is your kind of game, you can certainly get your hands on one if you’re willing to spend the money.

Price: $199.50 (Loose, with 1 sale per week) – $399.98 (Complete, with 1 sale per week) – $433.00 (New, with 1 sale per week)

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Action 52 Sega GenesisAction 52

Rarity: 8

This unlicensed Sega game was released by Farsight Technologies in 1993. It features a variety of games based on player level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert). This game was originally created for NES, but was later developed and updated for the Sega. Because it was developed by the unlicensed company, Farsight Technologies, Action 52 is a bit of a rarity in the video game collector’s world. As a result, it holds some value and is a good investment for any Sega collector. Though rare, you can find it for sale fairly regularly on both Amazon and Ebay. However, you may need to be prepared to pay more than it is worth to get your own copy of this game.

Price: $59.50 (Loose, Unknown) – $60.00 (Complete, Unknown) – $81 (New, Unknown)

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john madden football 93John Madden Football ’93 Championship Edition

Rarity: 8

The championship version of this 1993 Sega Genesis game was a rental exclusive which has helped make this edition a rare find. It was only sold at rental shops after it had been rented out. If you can find the box and the instructions altogether, you can get this championship edition for a small price! The difference between the standard version of this 1993 game and the championship edition described here is that the championship version included football teams from 1966 through 1991. The standard version included teams from 1992 only. As a result, the standard version of this game is not very rare or very valuable. If you find the championship edition of this John Madden Football game, you may want to invest in obtaining your own copy.

Price: $26.99 (Loose, with 1 sale per month) – $83.95 (Complete, with 1 sale per month) – $311.00 (New, Unknown)

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Aerobiz Supersonic Sega GenesisAerobiz Supersonic

Rarity: 7

This Sega Genesis game released in 1994 and was somewhat of a flop with gamers. It was a sequel to the airline business simulator known as Aerobiz. Not many people enjoyed this game, as you play the role of an airline CEO who negotiates, crunches numbers, and attends meetings. The sole goal of the game is to keep the airline company from declaring bankruptcy. It does not sound all that thrilling, does it? Since most 90’s gamers were not very jazzed about this game, sales were notably low. As a result, a limited number of copies of this game are available. Despite Aerobiz Supersonic’s rare status, you can find it for sale on Ebay and Amazon. Just don’t expect it to get it for a rock bottom price unless you stumble upon it at a yard sale. It is a good one to add to your collection though!

Price: $18.00 (Loose, Unknown) – $41.00 (Complete, Unknown) – $131.00 (New, Unknown)

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the punisher sega genesisThe Punisher

Rarity: 7

This popular beat-them-up game released in the U.S. in the early 90’s and was based on the Marvel comic books. This game was only available for the Genesis console for at home play. Prior to that, it was also available to be played as an arcade game. The Punisher never became very popular and has become a bit of a rarity to find due to its low sales upon release. In fact, Hyper magazine once rated The Punisher as the worth video game of the month for May 1995. The price of this game has slowly increased over the years. However, you can find it for sale fairly often both on Amazon and Ebay.

Price: $90 (Loose, with 2 sales per week) – $200 (Complete, with 1 sale per week) – $499.00 (New, with 2 sales per week)

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Michael Jacksons MoonwalkerMichael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Rarity: 7.5

This rare game was released for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive systems in 1991. In addition to being created for Sega consoles, the game could also be found in arcades. In this action game, you use your dance moves to defeat enemies. However, the arcade version of Moonwalker was rather different than the console version. The game includes a variety of Jackson’s hits as well as songs from the movie Thriller. This game received a mixed response from gamers; some loved it and some hated it. After Jackson’s death in 2009, the price of loose carts temporarily rose to over $100. If you are a fan of Sega AND Michael Jackson, then you should definitely have a copy of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker in your collection.

Price: $35.00 (Loose, with 1 sale per day) – $74.99 (Complete, with 2 sales per week) – $135.00 (New, with 2 sales per year)

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spiritual warfare sega genesisSpiritual Warfare

Rarity: 4

This Bible-based game was created by a non-licensed Christian company called Wisdom Tree and was released in 1994. Wisdom Tree’s video games were only released in Christian stores, thus making the games pretty rare. It was only released in North America. The game was originally created for the NES, but Wisdom Tree decided to create Spiritual Warefare for Sega as well. Some gamers said Spiritual Warfare is much like the original Zelda game. However, many gamers who have played this game find it dull and boring. You can find out for yourself if you can get your hands on a copy of this rare Biblical inspired video game.

Price: $30.00 (Loose, Unknown) – $217.00 (Complete, Unknown) – $209.00 (New, Unknown)

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bible adventures sega genesisBible Adventures

Rarity: 4

Bible Adventures is another rare video game created for the Sega Genesis by the non-licensed Christian company, Wisdom Tree. It was released in 1995 and it mimics stories from the Bible such as David and Goliath, Noah, and Moses. It is a multilevel game that was only released in Christian book stores or through mail-in orders. It is said to be very similar to Super Mario Bros 2. Many gamers were unaware of its existence due to its limited production. As a result of its low release numbers, it has become a rarity. It is fairly valuable to game collectors.

Price: $23.00 (Loose, Unknown) – $61.00 (Complete, Unknown) – $166.00 (New, Unknown)

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sparkster sega genesisSparkster

Rarity: 4

This game was a well-liked sequel to the game Rocket Knight Adventures. Since its Japanese release in September of 1994, it has now become moderately rare. The game’s likeability combined with its limited availability make it a fairly well valued Sega Genesis game. This game (and its prequel) were both developed and published by Konami. Sparkster is different than the game that was released in North America and Europe. That version of the video game was called Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2. This game is not extremely valuable from a monetary standpoint, but it is somewhat rare. If you can find it, you may want to snag your own copy of it.

Price: $14.00 (Loose, Unknown) – $28.00 (Complete, Unknown) – $63.00 (New, Unknown)

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Rare Sega Mega Drive Games


Rare Sega Genesis GamesTetris for Mega Drive

Rarity: 10

This may very well be the rarest Mega Drive games, if not the rarest video game known to man. Yeah, it is really that rare. It is estimated that somewhere between 3 to 8 copies of this game exist in the world. Due to the extreme rarity of this game, it is unlikely that you will ever see it listed for sale on Ebay or Amazon. However, a copy signed by the creator of Tetris was listed on Ebay back in 2011 and again in 2012 for a whopping 1 million USD. You can see the listing from 2012 here. If you purchase one of the few copies of Tetris (for Mega Drive) in existence, consider yourself to be in possession of the equivalent of game collector’s gold.

Price: ($1,000,000, with less than one sale per year) – $? (Complete: Unknown) – $? (New: Not Gonna Happen)

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Sega Mega Drive Ecco The Tides of Time Limited Edition 3Ecco The Dolphin Box Set

Rarity: 10

Individually, the Ecco the Dolphin games are not very rare. However, the box set is so uncommon – many view it as a true ‘holy grail’ for the Megadrive. The Ecco set was created as a partnership between Sega and a London aquarium. The set included a dolphin t-shirt, the game itself, a cassette tape, and a shared adoption certificate for the real life Ecco the dolphin. Some proceeds from the set went towards the care of the real Ecco the dolphin. This set was only released in the U.K. Back in 2011, a complete set sold for $1,300 on Ebay. However, a set missing the dolphin t-shirt and the CD sold for $280 in 2012. This set was only sold in a limited number of shops and in very limited quantities.

Price: $280 (Loose, Unknown) – $1,300 (Complete, Unknown) – New (Unknown, Unknown)

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beggar-prince-sega-genesis-mega-drive.jpgBeggar Prince

Rarity: 8

This game was first released in 1996 and again in 1998. With each release of this adventure RPG, the games sold out quickly. A limited number of games were released, helping to make this game rare. It was released again in 2006 and 2007. Those releases also sold out. Since then, a rom dump was released in 2013 for Mac and Windows. It is possible that the game will be released again due to high demand. If you are looking to get your hands on an original copy of this game, you may have some degree of difficulty depending upon the condition you wish to purchase it in.

Price: $100.66 (Loose, with 6 sales per year) $70.99 (Complete, with 1 sale per month) $158.00 (New, with one sale per year)

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Splatterhouse 2Splatterhouse 2 (both Mega Drive and Genesis)

Rarity: 7

Splatterhouse 2 is a rarity in several ways. It was one of the first of its kind in regards to its horror genre. When this game was released in the 90’s, the level of gore and brutality were fairly uncommon in video games. This video game was created as a sequel to the original ‘beat them up’ game, Splatterhouse. Splatterhouse 2 is fairly similar to the first version. It added a few more violence and disturbing graphics. The game was released in 1992 in Japan, North America, and Europe. As a result, some regional differences were created in the game. Splatterhouse 2 was given new life in 2008 when it was recreated for the Wii. In addition to being rare, it is also somewhat valuable to collectors.

Price: $69.99 (Loose, with 3 sales per week) – $132.50 (Complete, with 1 sale per week) – $590.00 (New, with 2 sales per year)

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Nightmare CircusNightmare Circus

Rarity: 7

Nightmare Circus released for Sony Megadrive in 1996. This ‘beat ’em up’ style game was slated to be released in the United States, but only ended up being released in Brazil, unfortunately. It was, however, released in the United States via the Sega Channel. The premise of the game places the player face to face with undead circus members belonging to a haunted circus through 4 different levels of game play. Gamers who have played Nightmare Circus tend to agree that it is a highly difficult and punishing game. However, the game had superior sound and graphics. Nightmare Circus is very rare which makes it hard to come by. Although recent sales of Nightmare Circus cannot be tracked due to its rarity, getting your hands on a Brazilian copy typically costs around $200.

Price: $?? (Loose, Unknown) – $?? (Complete, Unknown) – $?? (New, Unknown)

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Crusader of Centy sega genesisCrusader of Centy

Rarity: 6

Atlus typically produced small quantities of their games, which is likely a factor contributing to this particular game’s ever-increasing value. More and more collectors are getting the feeling that their Sega collections are incomplete without a copy of Crusader of Centy. Additionally, this is a well-liked RPG that is generally lauded by fans and considered one of the better mega drive games. These factors have turned Crusader of Centy into a pretty desirable game to have. Thankfully, it is not yet extremely rare, though the list price of this game has been steadily increasing. Perhaps now is a good time to invest in your own copy.

Price: $184.23 (Loose, with 2 sales per month) – $571 (Complete, with 1 sale per month) – $109.52 (New, Unknown)

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phantom 2049 mega drive big boxPhantom 2040 Box Set

Rarity: 3

This Phantom 2040 box set is a rarity in the gamer world. It was released in 1995 by Viacom New Media and included the game itself, a Phantom key ring, and Glow Zone Phantom stickers. This box set was released as a limited edition collector’s version that was released throughout Australia for the Mega Drive. It is very difficult to find this complete set for sale on the internet. If you have the opportunity to snag one (specifically one that is in perfect shape), you should do so! It is likely that the value of this box set will continue to increase over time.

Price: $7.00 (Loose, Unknown) – $18.00 (Complete, Unknown) – $50.00 (New, Unknown)

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MegaDrive Homebrew


Pier SolarPier Solar And The Great Architects (First Edition)

Rarity: 5

This home-brew role player game became available in cartridge form in 2010. Only 800 first edition copies of this cartridge were released in 2010 due to the high cost of creating cartridge games. As a result of the limited first edition production of this game, it has become a rarity in the game collecting world. There was a second release of Pier Solar and the Great Architects which put an additional 800 cartridges into circulation. This game was developed on a large, 64-megabit cartridge. Although this cartridge was released only 7 years ago, it has still become considerably rare in the gaming world. If you have a chance to get this home-brew game, seize the opportunity! You may not come across it very often.

Prices: $220.00 (Loose, with 1 sale per month) – $90.85 (Complete, with 1 sale per month) – $159.62 (New, with one sale per month)

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