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GameSniped Spotlights Front Mission 2 For PS1 And Rare Collectibles

Front Mission 2 was released for the PlayStation 1 in Japan to critical acclaim back in September 1997. The game was developed by G-Craft (an internal subsidy of Square) and then published by parent company SquareSoft. Front Mission 2 is a turn-based strategy or tactical game with RPG elements.

The game is set in the future year of 2102 and features giant robots who are piloted and controlled by humans who use them to fight in a civil war.

Front Mission 2

The game focuses on 3 main characters who unite with one another when the climax of the game is reached. Front Mission 2 expands on the original Front Mission game. The release of FM 2 was a smashing success in Japan. It was extremely profitable and well received by gamers.

In fact, in 1997, it was the 18th best selling game in Japan.

Unfortunately, this iteration of the game never saw the light of day outside Japan. As a result, the Japanese version of FM 2 is the only official version available.

The creators of Front Mission 2 felt that various content within the game was not suitable for audiences outside of Japan. Some gamers believe the politically charged and mature adult content in the game (which was considered acceptable in Japan) would not jive with the climate and acceptable content of North American video games in 1997.

The belief is that the Japanese creators knew the game, should it be localized into English, would not be widely accepted by mainstream American culture or other Western cultures of the time. In all likelihood, if FM 2 had been released in this current day and age, acceptance of the game’s content would not be an issue in other cultures and locations.

For some time, there has been discussion around and interest in the creation of an English translation or hack.

Over the years, several Front Mission 2 English translation projects have been started and then stopped. Finally, someone was successful in pre-patching a version with an English patch.

At this point, approximately 95% of the game has been translated into English. The event sequences are the only part of the game that have not been translated into English. You can try the translated FM 2 patch for yourself by checking out the link.

Front Mission Merchandise:

FRONT MISSION METAL MECH WARRIOR SET OF 3 JADEMETAL LYMAN/GUCH/KIRISHIMA MIB – Check out these solid steel Front Mission figures! These mechanical robots figurines were released in Japan in several years ago. These items are listed for $19.95

Front Mission 3 Square Millennium Collection Special Pack (Import) – Brand new Japanese import of the Square Millennium Collection special pack. The list price is $99.29

FRONT MISSION ORIGINAL SOUND VERSION GAME MUSIC CD NEW – Snag a brand new original Front Mission CD featuring the composition by Yoko Shimomura and Noriko Matsueda. This item comes with a 12-page foldout booklet. There are 42 tracks on this CD. List price is $34.99

Front Mission Evolved #2 Enyo Play Arts Kai Action Figure – This is a cool collectible for any Front Mission fan! This listing is for a brand new Kai action figures. The list price is $49.44.

FRONT MISSION in Huffman AMANO YOSHITAKA Art Book NT29 – Used art book is full of incredible illustrations from the Front Mission game series. This is a full collectible and it is listed at the reasonable price of $24.00

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