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Game Boy Color Promotional Tech Demo

I very well could be wrong, but for some reason I think Nicola origionally dumped this – or maybe he just showed it to me once. The cart features a more than four minute video demo showing footage of Wario Land II, Tetris DX and Zelda Links Awakening. It also goes through a lot of technical features to show off what a GameBoy color could pull off

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Sealed TurboGrafx-16 Military Madness (Thanks Ted!)
Nice Condition Complete Family Fun Fitness Pad
Korean NES Knight Rider
Korean NES Ice Climber

Thereès also a couple Brazilian Nintendo cartridges with decent BINs.

[phpbay]NES Brazilian, 7, “”, “”[/phpbay]


Some nice Mario RPG Coins & Cards which ended cheap
Four Sealed NES Zelda II Lot
Rare Gears of War Marcus Fenix Resin Statue
1994 SEGA Channel Launch Patch
Nintendo Game Boy Sculptured Software Dev Card

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