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Game Bricks

Nintendo has a bit of a habit when it comes to packing their games. They usually pack them together in cellophane, put inside a box specially made for them, and then ships them to distributors and retailers. They even do the same thing for Nintendo Power guides. Seems like an awful lot of waste doesn’t it? But it is to protect the merchandise to make sure it arrives in one piece. Bricks, as I call them, are games sealed together from the manufacturer. There’s really no such thing as collecting these so called bricks, but there are a handful of people out there that do (i’ve seen them on Sealed Game Heaven, where everything sealed gets collected – if its a spatula that says Mario Kart in it and its sealed, they’ll probably get it graded). The only way for you to really get one of these things is through a retailer before they break them apart for display which is quite hard to predict since you have to know when they replenish their stock and all.

So with that said, here’s a seller (from Canada), who’s pushing his luck into selling 2 bricks, Mario Kart for DS, and New Play Control: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for the Wii. Both are priced at $499. There are 4 games in the Mario Kart brick, that translates to $120 retail, with the Nintendo seal, insta-profit of $370. Ka-ching! Take that, Chinese Pirates! I could kind of understand NPC: DK Junglebeat since it is out of production and could probably go for more later on. There’s a listing that ended for DK, roughly close to $48 which = $192 for 4 so you’ll be overpaying $307. Capitalism wins.

Both are kinda rare, but not really that impossible to find (but the DK one yeah, you’ll probably have to travel to Middle Earth to find it). If you really try, you can probably ask the guys at the electronics section at Target on when they usually do stock replenishing.

Mario Kart

New Play Control: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Both have 3 days left..

The same seller does have another game which is also out of production, Boogie Superstar that includes the microphone (as a bundle). These are pretty hard to find.

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