Game Collectibles For Smaller Budgets

I’ve gotten the impression that my previous postings have been a bit too rich for the blood of some readers. Here’s amends – ten auctions on interesting gaming collectibles that won’t break the bank at under $100 (at least, not at the time of this writing – I haven’t the faintest how much these items will pick up in cost, so be vigilant!).

Pictured: Sony PlayStation Programmer / Artist Tool – PS1 PSX Development Board Cable – Perhaps the most interesting of the bunch. “Graphic Artist Board” PC card and serial cable used to develop original Playstation games. ISA (not compatible with PCI) but can’t beat the price! Drivers not included.




Nintendo Capcom SNES Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Pin Promo

Ness Mother 2 Earthbound Figurine SNES Nintendo Banpresto – As seen on Masahiro Sakurai’s desk! Loose.

Legend of Zelda pocket watch. Nintendo Power exclusive.

Autographed THE LONGEST JOURNEY Sarah Hamilton Signed Video Game Cover – Autographed by the voice actress of the main character, April Ryan. Be advised: a long-awaited third game in this series was just successfully Kickstarted recently. The value of this signed game may appreciate as a result!

1989 Super Mario Bros. Shower Power Head Bath Toy Nintendo – Appeared here on the site a couple years back. I couldn’t resist.

Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Soundtrack game music Dreamcast -Complete


Nintendo 64 Donkey Kong 64 Controller – Pretty rare variant


Ending Soon:

Parappa The Rapper Alarm Figure Talking Sound Clock




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1981 GCE Vectrex “Game Time” Watch in original package

Original Video Game Soundtrack CDs