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Game Players GAME TAPE for Super Mario Bros 2

Game Player’s was the first independent video game publication for the 8-bit generation. The entire crew would later be on various major video game publications. They created a video strategy guide for Super Mario Bros. 2 to test the market but ran into a problem when Nintendo claimed they didn’t use permission to use the footages on the video. The video can be seen on YouTube via

Nintendo was overly protective of their franchises back in the day. They really didn’t like cheat devices like the Game Genie. They sued the creators back in the day claiming it violated their copyright. This resulted in a halt of sales of the Game Genie throughout the United States at the time (not in Canada though). Galoob, a toy company who created the Game Genie, was later acquitted after the court found that the cheat device did not violate any derivative works by Nintendo.

Anyways, according to the seller:

There were actually 2 completely different versions of Volume 1 Number 1 of the GAME PLAYER’S magazine GAME TAPE strategy videos because Nintendo made Game Player’s recall (and destroy) all of the Super Mario Bros. 2 strategy tapes made–Game Player’s did not get copyright permission to use the game footage. There was a limited run made of the first SMB2 video tape to test the market for these strategy videos so the tapes were already scarce; Nintendo made them recall the original Volume 1 to make them even more RARE and impossible to find.

Link to auction – $150 with 2 days left



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