Gameboy Advance Pokemon Berry Program Fix & Shiny Zigzagoon Distribution System

This GBA SP Pokemon system was used by Nintendo of Europe to repair the Berry glitch in the Pokemon GBA games while also distributing a Shiny Zigzagoon.

The Berry Glitch is the nickname for a glitch in the coding of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire that basically stops the game’s day counter moving. This stops time-based events such as berries growing, the Lilycove Dept Store’s sale, and trainer re-battles from happening.

Very unique item and prettty cheap so far.

Auction Here


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Nintendo DS Pokemon Distribution Cart “Shelmet/Karrablast” – Decent price auction, not an insane BIN. EUR version.
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Vintage Mario Nintendo Pin – This is awesome. Says Beazer Homes – Building Sites are Dangerous.
Donkey Konga Nintendo Gamecube Monitor Bezel
Team Fortress 2 The Heavy Lithograph – Out of print Valve store item.
Fallout 3 Vaultboy Figurine – Lots of bids for what was once a keychain.
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat In-Store Monitor Display
NES Ducktales 2 VGA 80+

UPDATE: Fixed some links.

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