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Gameboy F1 Pole Position Complete

I’ve heard of this game, but haven’t been following the demand and my Game Boy collection isn’t very large so far. Here’s what the seller says:

I do not think I have ever seen one of these complete in over a year of looking around. This game is only 1 of 3 R8’s for the gameboy: Amazing Tater and Spud’s Adventure are the other 2. This has been called the Stadium Events of Gameboy collecting. It is like Stadium Events where the PAL version is easier to find, not much is known on the US version. It looks to have gotten very limited release possibly because no one cared about F1 racing here in the USA. I only know of about 2 other complete or sealed copies. I have seen cartridges only fetch $50 and more.

While I am interested to see what this ends at, I have a feeling this is one of those games that will eventually turn up in a massive sealed warehouse find. Aside from that, it irritates me too, as I used to own this one “back in the day”.


F1 Pole Position NTSC Gameboy Complete Holy Grail of GB


Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong Hockey Case

Despite the fact I do very little hand held collecting, I want this. You may have noticed I have taken to case collecting as of late.

Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong Hockey

More F1 Pole Position On eBay:
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