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New Gamestop Trade In Policy on Retro Game Collecting

Breaking news! The ailing brick-and-mortar video game chain Gamestop has just announced that they will join in the world of retro game collecting. They’ve finally changed their stance after seeing the many missed opportunities to cash in on retro games and the collectors who love them. To rebuild their stock of retro gems from yesteryear, the chain is changing their Gamestop trade in policy to include older titles once more. For the time being, this new policy is regional and will be experimented with in certain stores (such as the Gamestop New York City locations).

They announced that they will initially accept NES, Super Nintendo, N64, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1, and Dreamcast games. This is cool news…for those of you who don’t own an internet connection (seriously, how are you reading this?) I can’t help but feel that Gamestop is incredibly late to the party on this on. I’ve no doubt that the new Gamestop traded in policy will follow the infamous strategy they’ve become renowned for: buy low (as in, rock bottom, near exploitative prices) and sell at ridiculously high, price gouged rates. This policy work well (it really wasn’t acceptable back then either) back in the 90’s when the big chains were the only players in certain markets. Unfortunately for Gamestop, they’re entering into a collector’s market that is so much more sophisticated and open to us collectors due to the magic of the internet. Additionally, they’re late even in terms of brick and mortar stores! Best Buy and Walmart already started accepting retro games some time ago. What’s really happening here is that Gamestop is following in other market leaders footsteps and behaving like their policies are revolutionary. In reality, they see a huge slice of money pie that they’re missing out on and don’t want to be left behind. But, being the last one to a new market or innovation is a great way to run yourself out of business.

For better or worse, WE dictate prices of retro games by what we buy or do not buy. Big markets such as eBay and Amazon are just two sites aside the myriad of independent retro gaming sites. But, we also can still find bargains on eBay. You won’t get discounts with Gamestop trade in values when they decide their executive management deserves a trip to Tahiti or a new gold plated toilet. And best of all, WE are the ones to determine the prices of these games rather than some ridiculous, arbitrary rule.

RANT OFF. So what do you guys think of Gamestop’s news? The trade in program begins tomorrow, Saturday April 25th. Will you be trading in your retro games at Gamestop locations near you (assuming this program doesn’t fall flat on its face)? Or, will you stick to the tried and true method of buying and selling your retro games and collector’s items online? In any event, I’ve put together my own list of cool retro games circulating eBay for you guys to peruse. I also included a few (not for resale) Gamestop exclusives/collectors items because…well, irony. 🙂


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