Gears of War Figures

Gears of War 3 just came out and i’m pretty sure a lot of our readers are playing that this week. Even though the first game is still sort of fresh in our minds (2006), there’s been quite a few collectibles for the series in general. Most notably was the Lancer that came packaged with Gears of War 2 Collector’s Edition through select e-tailers. But since the announcement of a new Lancer (actually almost the same exact one from before), it has since gone down in price. So what’s a hot collectible for Gears fan these days? Action figures.

NECA did a lot of the earlier action figures for Gears and probably still do for the new series (haven’t checked yet). Here’s a listing with a bunch of figures from the first 2 series which also includes the first Lancer and currently sitting above $1,500 (there’s a reserve too). There are other individual listings but that set you back more though like this SDCC figure currently at $82.

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