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Get Buried Under Your Collection with These Video Game Lots

I’m sure you all remember the story of Michael Thomasson. Guinness World Records began counting the extensive video game collection he houses in his basement. Thomasson set the record for the largest collection of Unique video games at just under 12,000 DIFFERENT games. Michael’s collection of course, consists entirely of physical cartridges and disks. There are no digital downloads here.

Thomasson recently shook up the video game collector community once again by selling this behemoth of a collection. Apparently, the collection netted him $750,250! The auction took place on GameGavel. You can check out pictures of Mike’s basement here.

Michael has inspired me to build a compilation of the largest video game lots I can find on the ‘Bay at the moment. Hopefully, these sales can help you guys out with your own collecting aspirations. Sometimes, you can find rare games bundled in with the more common titles, and the entire lot ends up costing what the individual game would cost on its own. The trick is to really dig!


Huge Lot 19 Vintage Atari Video Games Most With Boxes and Instruction Booklets

Huge Large Nintendo Wii 40 Piece Video Game Lot

Huge ps1 game lot. PSX games L@@K Please Read

Sony Playstation PS1 Game Lot Of 100 Classic games

Nintendo Nes Game Lot Of 60 Classic games

Sony Playstation PS1 Game Lot Of 80 Classic games

43 Nintendo Game Boy Color Lot

Sega Genesis Game Lot Of 57 Classic games

39 Nintendo Game Boy Advance & DS Lot

Vintage Atari 2600 Darth Vader console lot w/ 30 classic arcade games Star Wars!


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