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Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! WiiWare

Remember that Doc Louis’s Punch-Out! WiiWare code I mentioned awhile back? Well it sold for $44.84.

There’s also another exclusive WiiWare game, this time for Club Nintendo members. It’s called Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! and costs 80 coins.

Released March 31, 2010, the game features the Ultra Hand stretching out to grab cooked meats on barbecued grills.

Anyways, I’m mentioning this because there’s only one on eBay – and it’s only a buck.

This will never fetch the price that Doc L did though, as it’s so much easier to get and someone is essentially buying and gifting you the game – not porviding you with a redeemable code.

Still interesting though, as another example of limited edition DLC.

Auction Here – $0.99 with a day to go.

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