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Guy list boxed SNES with Games, wants $149,000

eBay has become a ground for charity. While some are for a good cause, others are just looking for suckers. The United States’ medical system is fucked up. The insurance companies would rather take care of their CEO’s rather than take care of it’s customers. You decide whether this one’s real or not:

I hate to tell a sad story because I am one that usually never expects anything or asks anyone for anything. But truth is I am desperately in need of this money. I am overwhelmed with debt and barely making ends meet. I am also urgently in need of massive dental care and I am not able to afford the financing for it. Truly I really do feel embarrassed and ashamed to list such an ad, but I am not sure where else to turn. I just thought I should find the MOST valuable thing to me that I have, and hopefully some wealthy person or organization would be so kind and find it in their heart to purchase this system and games from me for my asking price. I would really appreciate it more than you’ll know.

And please do not contact me to criticize me and tell me I am out of my mind. Due to my situation, I am not far from it. Please understand. Thanks.

Link to auction


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