Happy New Years from the GameSniped Team

Happy New Years, everyone! I hope you’re all have a wonderful 2015 so far. I also hope¬†that the new year finds each one of you in good health and fortune! You may have noticed a very slight change to the format of the toolbar on the main page. If you didn’t notice, that’s alright. As I said, the change was very slight. We’ve added a new section¬†called “Ebay Tools.” Under this new section, you’ll find a drop down menu with two items: the familiar “Most Watched” page and the new “Rare Game Merchandise Tool.” If you’ve read our past updates, you already know that the most watched page shows you video game, video game peripheral, and video game merchandise auctions that are currently receiving the most views on eBay. The new “Merchandise Tool” was custom built by yours truly to deliver the rarest video game merchandise currently on the ‘bay. Like the “Most Watched” page, the “Merchandise Tool” delivers everything instantly and is always up to date. So, the auctions you see in the boxes are all real time and up to date. Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, we look forward to more updates and continuing this journey of ours in the new year. As always, onward and upward. Game on, my friends!

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