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I’m pretty sure I have briefly mentioned that my wife and I were expecting our second child. Well, that was some time ago and we now have a healthy three month old little boy, Samuel Link.

Link? Yup, my screen name doesn’t come from being a huge Zelda fan, it’s actually my last name. Makes for quite an interesting conversation when I introduce myself to gamers for the first time.

My kids have even a little more gaming pizazz to their names, as my two boys are named Sam and Max. How so? Well, they remind me of the iconic Sam and Max, Freelance Police franchise. Originally a comic, and a cartoon as well, to me they’re more well known for the series of video games.

My wife actually chose both names (after I vetoed many), but I was happy to agree.

Anyways, little Sam is entered into a local contest, VOCM idol. A local radio station is having an idol contest for babies.

The contest has the wierdest rules ever. Just enter your email to vote. There is no confirmation required, or IP restrictions. Vote with an many emails as you have. While I could go crazy and hardcore abuse this, I don’t want to get him disqualified, so I’ll ask you all to throw in a vote or two.

Vote Here

Just press control F and search for Link is the easiest was to find him. Samuel Link.

Help is much appreciated!


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