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GameSniped Reader Drops Holy Grail Bomb: 1988 Zelda 2 Prototype Cart

*NOTE: This ebay auction ended. But, the cool stuff doesn’t end there. If you want up-to-date prices on your favorite classic video games from years past, sign up for a complete catalog every day FOR FREE here!

Hey everyone, Kim here. We have BIG NEWS for all of you rare prototype hunters. You guys MUST check out this phenomenal item! This is truly an amazing find: the sample cart of the original Zelda 2 prototype. A big shout out goes to zurgdawg for giving us a heads up on his listing. We wish him all the luck in the world with the sale. You can see his listing here.

The game has been tucked away in his parents attic for over twenty years, but the game still works fine. He hooked up his old nes game system and provided some Zelda 2 nes photos along with the listing on eBay. The history of the game is that it was given to him as a gift from a family friend working for Nintendo of America in Redmond, WA back in the day. The seller does try to provide as much information as possible. He even points out the misspelling on the label, a fact that he thoroughly researched and found to be not uncommon on these sample and prototype carts. There is some question as to the completeness of this game prototype. However, Scott assures me he was able to play the whole way through to the end of the game.

Editor’s note: that’s more than I can say; Zelda 2 is notoriously difficult! – Link

Now before you dismiss this as just another overpriced nes prototype, read this article: Rare Zelda prototype cartridge for $150,000 on eBay. The article is a few years old, but it still really speaks to the staying power of Zelda (or Zelda 2 in this case). If anything, these Zelda prototypes are even more expensive and rare in 2016. I don’t know what the outcome was of that sale, but someone didn’t hesitate to list it at that price. Legend of Zelda games have always remained a fan favorite for old school nes players. Really it goes beyond the “old school nes players” since there is a new Zelda game every few years with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild next up and scheduled for release in 2017.

Here’s a quick refresher on the game in case you’re a little rusty. After the successful defeat of Gannon, the Prince of Darkness, the Legend of Zelda 2 joins Link at the age of 16 after a strange symbol appears on his hand. His mission is to wake Princess Zelda. Her brother, the Prince, wants the third piece of the Triforce. Zelda is the only person who knows where the missing piece is hidden. He uses the power of a wizard to try to force Princess Zelda to tell him the location. Zelda ends up asleep and the wizard ends up dead. Link must find the missing piece on his own and put the all of the pieces together in order to wake Princess Zelda. He must do all of this while Ganon’s henchmen are in pursuit. They believe his blood is the key to reviving their master. Playing as Link, you must complete your mission and avoid Ganon’s underlings.

As of 8 pm Monday September 19th, bidding is around $300. The listing ends next Monday. Don’t be surprised if this one ends near the several thousand dollar mark. This prototype is very rare and may even be one of a kind.

Zelda and Link always make me feel nostalgic. So, we found some Zelda items:


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