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Rare Playstation Hori Controller and Other Cool Merchandise

Just found this listing for an old Hori controller for the Playstation. This is one of the coolest controllers I’ve seen for the classic PlayStation. If you’re not familiar with Hori controllers, do yourself a favor and check them out. They’re very unique. It’s a similar color to the Nintendo controllers of yore. I like that it looks so similar to the SNES controller, one of my personal favorite systems along with the Sega Genesis. We also ran a post a few years back on a Hori Handle controller for the Famicom. Be sure to check out these other cool items that are currently available.

Playstation 2 Hori Wireless Controller – If the first has a classic look this one can only be described as sexy! Clearly this is inspired by the official Playstation controller design, but with a little twist. You can snag this one up for $35 now.

Playstation 1 Hori Compact Joystick Controller – This is the classic joystick for any fighting game or arcade style fan. By It Now price is $28.

NES Nintendo World Championships Cartridge – If you’ve read about rare vintage games then you know the story behind this one. The price tag is more than what I paid for my car at $19,495, but it’s such a rarity that I had to throw it on this list.

Nintendo Super Famicom Console and Travel Storage Case – This is a cool set that includes the Super Famicom system, 2 controllers, Super Mario World game, and traveling case. All of this is for only $70.

Vintage Mattel Intellivision System – This auction includes the console in box, 21 games, and 2 controllers. Some of the titles included are Donkey Kong, Pitfall, and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Starting bid is $49.99.

Sony Playstation Roulette Controller – Yeah this is an odd one! This is a Japan only official Takara Roulette controller. I don’t know how it works but it’s pretty cool and only $15.

Japanese Vending Famicom Box – These were once placed in Japanese hotels for guests to play. These units are somewhat rare on Ebay and difficult to find in good working condition. This item is listed for $890 which is a steal considering another listing is over $1,000.

Playstation 1 Hori Slot Controller – This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a slot machine video game controller! Even if you’re not interested in buying this you gotta check it out! The sole listing on Ebay at the moment is only $35 and could make a great pair with your Roulette controller.

Konami Hyper Boy for Original Nintendo Gameboy – If you’re serious about your Gameboy collection, you have to check these out. If I still had my Gameboy, I might be tempted to buy it! You slide your Gameboy into the housing, the screen becomes magnified for better viewing, and you control the game with an arcade-style joystick controller. One of the listings from Japan is only $20! These typically sell over $60!!

First Run Nintendo Famicom – So what makes this different? The controllers have square buttons. Pretty cool, but with a high price tag. It’s currently listed for $125.

With Christmas coming up I thought that I would throw a couple of gift ideas up. This stuff’s not rare, but I think it’s still pretty cool!

Super Mario Shy Guy Soft Toy – You may remember him from his Super Mario Bros. 2 fame. Check out the bottom of this page for more neat Mario stuff.

Fallout Vault Boy Bobblehead – If you or someone you know has been wondering the wasteland check out some of this great Fallout swag.

Star Wars R2-D2 Figure – We’re all excited for the next installment of Star Wars so I would be remiss to not include something for it on my list! Check out this incredibly detailed 1/6 scale R2-D2. This is a homerun for the toy collector and Star Wars fan.

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