How to Stream Nintendo Switch and Share Your Sessions with Fellow Gaming Enthusiasts

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Streaming video game play is an incredibly popular pastime. Many of the most popular YouTube and Twitch stations online feature individuals playing video games. In fact, many of these streamers make millions of dollars a year giving gaming commentary as they stream their gameplay. Now it is easier than ever to stream content from your computer onto a video service, but what happens when you want to stream Nintendo Switch content? All the answers are right here with how to stream Nintendo Switch to platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

What Are Some Tips on How to Stream Nintendo Switch to Share with Others?

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If you are interested in how to stream Nintendo Switch to different platforms, you will need to know what kinds of platforms are available for streaming. The two main platforms you have access to are Twitch and YouTube. Now, Twitch is made specifically for streaming gameplay. So if you want a community of gamers watching you (or a community of individuals who enjoy watching video game play), Twitch is the option for you.

YouTube, on the other hand, is another option. Many individuals have channels for both YouTube and Twitch because, while Twitch is for gamers, YouTube has a substantially larger audience; therefore it is possible to connect with more subscribers through YouTube. YouTube will not let you live stream immediately to its platform, though. You need to establish your channel before you’re given the live stream feed. It’s an additional step, but it’s designed to make sure you provide content that doesn’t break YouTube’s stricter guidelines.

You will need to feel out the different platforms to see which works better for you, and whether you want to stream on either or both.

How Do You Stream Nintendo Switch to Twitch?

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As you are looking into how to stream Nintendo Switch, you will likely want to create a Twitch account first. There are fewer pitfalls and rules for what you can and cannot live stream. YouTube is always changing what it allows to be live streamed and what content will accept advertisements (if you’re interested in making money off of the platform later on). When starting out with Twitch, you will naturally need to create an account first.

Creating a Twitch Account

You don’t need anything special to create a Twitch account. First, you’ll want to go over to the website and click the “Sign Up” option (located in the top-right corner of the screen). This will bring up a new Log In / Sign Up screen. Click the “Sign Up” option and then fill out the required information. It is all basic material, including your name, age, email account and some other basics.

Submit the required information, then head over to your email account and open the email you received from Twitch. Confirm your email account and your Twitch account will go live. You can now head over to Twitch and fill out any of the required information and update your profile to include a profile picture and any other information you might want it to feature (you can always add this later on if you’d like).

Equipment You Need

When it comes to how to stream Nintendo Switch, you’ll discover that the Nintendo Switch gaming system does not have the same features as a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. These other platforms have an available Twitch streaming application. So with these systems, all you need to do is sign into the application and connect your Twitch account. Nintendo does not have this. Due to this, you’ll need to perform a workaround in order to pair your Twitch account with the platform. This also means you’ll need some additional equipment to make it work.

The equipment you’ll need to have access to includes:

  • Computer
  • OBS Studio software
  • Gaming Capture Card
  • Microphone/headset
  • Webcam

Chances are you’ll already have a computer. The computer will probably already have a webcam. Now, you don’t need to have a webcam, but if you want to live stream yourself playing the game you’ll need one. Most modern computers have a webcam, although you may want to invest in a new webcam for improved video quality (and for the ability to move the camera around for better placement).

The same is true with your microphone/headset. The headset is easier to use than a microphone, but picking up this secondary device will give you improved audio quality over what the computer’s built-in microphone can offer.

OBS Studio is free software you can download to either the Windows or macOS operating system. Just head over to the OBS Studio website and download it to your computer system.

The final piece of the puzzle is a gaming capture card. You ideally will want a card that will support at least 1080p with a frame rate of 60 frames per second.

Connecting Nintendo Switch to Your Computer

The next step in how to stream Nintendo Switch is to connect the Nintendo Switch to your computer system. To do this, you will need to make sure the Switch is in its dock. With it in the dock, take an HDMI cable and plug it into the back of the Switch, then insert it into the gaming capture card on your computer.

The gaming capture card can either be installed internally (which is easiest if you have a desktop tower), or if you have a fast enough laptop, you can connect the gaming capture card to the computer via a USB 3 cable (anything older than a USB 3 will not have the processing speed to keep up with the HD live stream video feed and won’t work).

Streaming Your Gameplay

Now that you have everything set up, you need to activate the application to continue with how to stream Nintendo Switch. To do this, you will need to launch the OBS Studio software and then log into your Twitch account.

Once logged in you will also need to let Twitch know you are going to be streaming with the OBS Studio system. To do this head over to the Twitch website, log onto your account, then click on “Dashboard,” “Settings,” then “Stream Key.” Twitch will now give you a unique code. Copy the code, then return to your OBS Studio software. In the software, click “Settings,” “Streaming,” “Service,” then finally “Twitch.”

Now, paste the number you copied to connect the Twitch account to your OBS Studio application. You will now need to import your Nintendo Switch media to your OBS Studio software. To do this, right-click within the OBS Studio software window (it doesn’t matter where), then choose “Add,” followed by “Video Capture Device.” Name the layer you will create, as every new bit of media you’ll be importing to OBS Studio will need to have a unique layer.

From here, click on the drop-down menu, then choose the capture device and click “Okay.” This will load a box that shows the live footage from your Nintendo Switch platform. You can click and adjust the size and move it about to better fit your needs.

Adding Secondary Equipment

At this point, you can add your webcam feed. (If you’re looking to gain more followers on Twitch you should have a webcam feed as people want to see who is talking when the game is going on). Connect your webcam to the computer, then repeat the same steps for adding a device through the “Video Capture Device” drop-down menu. A new window will appear and you’ll be able to adjust it, just like you would with the gaming feed.

Once you are ready to begin your gameplay and start the feed, you can click the “Start Streaming” button found in the lower-right corner of OBS Studio.

Can You Go Straight to the Internet with Nintendo Switch?

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The Nintendo Switch does not have the same kind of processing power as the other major gaming systems. However, Nintendo is not attempting to compete with these platforms. This system is designed to play different games. So if you’re new to the platform you may have noticed there is not a native Internet browser built into the platform. With the lack of an Internet browser, you might wonder if it is possible to go to the Internet on Nintendo Switch. The answer is yes, but you’ll need to work around a few roadblocks.

Accessing the Hidden Internet Browser

The Nintendo Switch does connect to the Internet. After all, there is the Nintendo e-shop on the Switch that allows you to download content. As there is an Internet connection, it means there is also a way to access the Internet.

So if you’re beyond how to stream Nintendo Switch and you just want to use the Internet, you can do so by following these steps. First, you’ll want to power on your Nintendo Switch and choose “System Settings.”

Once you’re in the new window choose “Internet.” From here select “Internet Settings,” then select the Wi-Fi network you have inside of your home (you should already have the Switch connected to this Wi-Fi network as it was requested when initially setting up the gaming platform, so you shouldn’t need to type in the network password again). 

From the display window, select “Change Settings,” then scroll down and choose “DNS Settings.” You will want to change the DNS settings to “Manual.” Choose your Primary DNS, then you will need to set it to “” (it will be a displayed option) and click “Save.”

The Switch will now connect to the Internet. You will need to register the network by clicking “Next.” Wait a few seconds and eventually Google will load on the screen, giving you Internet access.


Sharing your video game content is an extremely popular activity in modern gaming. People all around the world enjoy sharing content with others. Many of the top YouTube channels in the world are those of gamers. Twitch was created almost exclusively for video gamers. If you’ve been wondering how to stream Nintendo Switch, all you need to do is follow these instructions. While Nintendo Switch does not have a native application designed to let you live stream, you can work around the problem with these instructions. As long as you follow the provided information, you’ll be good to go with all your future Switch live streaming.

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