Huge Nintendo Pokemon Pikachu Statue

Really, who doesn’t want a life size Pikachu in their gameroom? I’m nothing resembling a plush guru, but I’m told a lot of the items he has for sale are rare. He does have a copy of our unofficial mascot though, the Nicola Mario. The seller has also sold a few things for crazy prices lately, like this Starfox Plush that sold for $550! They also sold this Coco / Crash Bandicoot bank and plush lot for $220. (Thanks nightram!)


Starcraft Progamer Jackets – Jackets worn by, then signed by professional Starcraft players. There’s several at $300 a pop, but no bidders yet.
Origional XBOX Mountain Dew Edition – Only available through a Mountain Dew sweepstakes requiring fans to collect s in order to “buy” the system in 2004.
1988 Zelda Board Game – These normally fetch a decent price, but this one has the added benefit of unpunched pieces. Now if only I can find someone to pay this sort of price for my Donkey Kong Pog board game.
Nintendo 3Ds Promo Lot – Includes a snazzy mug. (Thanks Rikki!)
Cheap Dragon Age Promo Blow Up Sword – I hated this game so much I wouldn’t take merch from it for free. (Thanks Rikki!)
Back to the Future II for the IBM PC/TANDY – With free hat! Hat is legendary.
Nintendo Ceiling Fan – For awhile these showed up a lot, but not so much as of late. Although, one seller does enjoy her homemade Nintendo ceiling Fan pull cords. I think the boxed fan goes for like $250 or so.
1982 Pac-Man Mug – I try not to buy things like this, as I would HAVE to use this every day.
Vintage Pacman Bike Seat – No comment. Yours for $1.00.
Street Fighter vs Tekken Bobble Budds – Apparently Bobble Budds can be ball form, a poseable figure and a bobble head.
Assassin’s Creed Comicon 2007 Promo Medallion – This thing is pretty sweet, surprised it’s not higher priced given the success the franchise has had.


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