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Check out Axiom Verge at the IndieCade 2015 Game Festival

While some blockbuster video game titles are backed by large teams, budgets, and studios it is the dedicated independent game developers that help to push the medium forward. IndieCade supports these developers in order to help them impact the industry and change the roles that video games play in our lives. That’s why they put on the independent games festival each year, aptly named the IndieCade Festival. This year, Indiecade 2015 gaming con is being held in Culver City, California, October 23-25.

Each year the VR (Virtual Reality) field becomes more and more a reality. Although most titles are still pretty crude the possibilities that VR offers is undeniable, and this year has seen an influx of VR submissions to the IndieCade games. Here are some interesting titles that have been entered in this year’s Indie Cade. Be sure to check out the complete listing of games by clicking here.

Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge

Probably one of the standout independent games this year, Axiom Verge has been completely designed and programmed by one person using a laptop. This side-scrolling game pays homage to the 8-bit era while implementing a “glitch mechanic” that introduces and encourages player experimentation.

Aboard the Looking Glass

As Alice you must cross three timelines – the past, present, and future – as you explore a deserted vessel. The VR gesture controls add a heightened sense of tension.

60 Seconds!

With only one minute until a nuclear apocalypse you must decide what the protagonist Ted must take with him into his fallout shelter. Don’t forget to grab the kids!

Her Story

A crime fiction game for PC and Mac, the player must view video footage of a woman being interrogated by police to understand the suspect’s story.

Classroom Aquatic

If you want to find the true spirit of indie video games this is it!

Classroom Aquatic is an underwater school simulator. You are in a school for dolphins and you must pass a test with impossibly hard questions by any means necessary. Cheat, sabotage your classmates, whatever it takes to pass! Definitely one of the stranger titles at this year’s indie games festival.

Also be sure to check out these auctions currently running on eBay for indie game merch as well as survival horror game rarities.

  • Journey Collector’s Edition –  an indie darling. Released in 2012 for the Playstation 3 it was the winner of several awards. This Collector’s Edition includes two other games by the same publisher, Flow and Flower. Buy It Now price is $25.89 with free shipping & handling. Seller is located in the United States.
  • Rare Resident Evil 4 Promo Display – The game that helped bring back the series from the grave! Starting bid for this item is $150.00. Buy It Now price is $379.96 with $18.00 shipping & handling. Seller is located in South Dakota, United States. You may be able to negotiate some sort of deal for pick up. UPDATE: sorry guys. this one just ended. Keep an eye out for future res 4 displays here. Keep in mind, this is SUPER rare stuff.
  • IndieCade 2012 Promo Postcard and Black Logo Button – Embrace the Indie game industry with these cool and affordable collectibles. Buy It Now price is $11.95 with free shipping & handling. Seller is located in California, United States.
  • The Art of Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Limited Edition Hard Cover – Possibly the greatest survival horror game since Resident Evil 4 this collection of art shows the games images in great detail. Buy It Now price is $97.99. Contact seller for shipping costs.
  • Until Dawn Steelbook Edition – Interactive storytelling makes this a horror game that even the most biased genre enthusiast can get behind. This UK import is a rare find. Buy It Now price is $124.99 with free shipping. Seller is located in Colorado, United States.
  • IndieCade Nintendo Developers Zelda T shirt – a cool item handed out at IndieCade 2014. Buy It Now price is $24.99 with $4.25 shipping & handling. Seller is located in California, United States.

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