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Infocom Starcross in Saucer Packaging

Starcross is a 1982 interactive fiction game published by Infocom. Like most Infocom titles, it was developed for many systems and has a bit of a cult / collector following. It was released for DOS, Apple II, Atari ST and the Commodore 64.

The game itself takes place in the year 2186, when the player’s character is a lone black hole miner exploring an asteroid belt. The player’s ship, the Starcross, is fitted with a mass detector to look for “quantum black holes”, which are such powerful sources of energy that one could provide a wealth of riches. When the mass detector finally discovers an anomaly, however, it isn’t a black hole but something else entirely: a massive craft of unknown origin and composition. From there you dock with the mysterious ship and gain entry to its interior. Once inside, you can discover a wide variety of alien plant and animal species and an array of unfamiliar technology.

But enough about the game. You probably want to know if it’s rare and worth anything.

Well, Starcross was originally released in a round plastic box that resembled a flying saucer disc. Problem was, this ended up being costly to produce, prone to damage while shipping and too unwieldy for store shelves. Therefore, it was later replaced by more conventional packaging.

There’s been a few sales during the recent months, and I’ve seen a complete Commodore version go for $235.00 and a Sealed Apple II version go for $2,495.00. Complete non Saucer Editions can fetch a decent price in good contion too, around $50.00 or so depending on system.

Right now there’s a complete Atari ST Version up for sale. Current price is $202.50.


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