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Atari Jaguar Complete Cortina Web TV Adapter & Dev Items

There are a lot of never released but working prototypes out there for the Jaguar. The Voice Modem, the Cortina Web Adaptor, and several Jaguar VR units come to mind.

What we have here today is the Cortina WebTV Adaptor which basically was meant to let you surf the web via your console.

This auction includes the schematics, the Cortina communications protocol manual revision 2.2, CD and the Jaguar Cortina Revision A numbered 1 and states that it is one of only two known to still exist out of the six that were built before Atari closed up.

It dosen`t state if it`s functioning or not, but according to this interview:

I believe that on the Jag side, all that was written was test code – to see that the Cortina worked. Cortina itself worked perfectly. (Cortina itself was merely a port expander, providing the ports necessary to connect a Jag to a keyboard, mouse, and modem for internet connection.) But I don’t think the browser code was ever written.

Cortina Auction is here – and it`s pricey, junt under $4000.00.

Seller also has several other rare and development Jaguar items for sale. 1 Player Total Carnage, ScatBox, Skunk Board, Cat Box, Extreme Flight Joystick #4 /30, Several other Controllers, Falcon to CD Adapters and more.


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