Japanese Game Gear Games!

Not something you see posted for sale every day. A few rarities, but honestly not something for everyone.

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Mega Drive Greylancer – 1992 Japanese Shooter that was eventually released on the Virtual Console in Europe and North America in 2008. Awesome game and somewhat rare.
Gameboy Factory Sealed Donkey Kong Land 2 – These were blown out in huge quantities for cheap prices awhile ago, and a lot of people are sitting on them hoping for a nice flip.
Nintendo Power Glove With Case – I love the Power Glove, it`s so Bad. Joking aside, I have always wanted one of these cases.
Super Famicom Boxed Lot Of 100 Games – Cheap collection filler, free shipping too.
Playstation 2 Winning Eleven 7 International Limited Edition
NES Smart Boy Tetris Pirate Cartridge
Nice Vintage Nintendo Pin Lot
Microsoft XBOX 360 Demonstration Mini Kit “Medusa” Kiosk Control Pack – This is designed for a retailer kiosk unit and it hooks up to the Xbox 360 console. The device allows for reset timing, and other demo options.
Sega Game Gear Coca Cola Limited Edition – Sega went the extra mile with Coca-Cola in 1994 and developed a game called Coca-Cola Kid. It was a pack-in for the new red, Coke-branded Game Gear. Neither product was ever released outside Japan.


Super Nintendo Final Fight Brand New Factory Sealed SNES Mint Case & Games (Shipping Case)


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Power Drive Sega Game Gear

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