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Korean Games

I wouldn’t call Korean games rare – if you’re in Korea. You don’t see many of them for sale in America however.

Side note: If anyone knows of any online stores that carry Korean games, let me know.

One seller has several available right now.

Mega Drive Battle Mania, SNES Yoshi’s Island 2, SMS Game Gear Compilation, Mega Drive Uzu Keobukseon, Mega Drive Ecco The Dolphin, Mega Drive Gam Together 3, Saturn Sega Rally Championship and lastly, my favorite, SNES Super Mario All-Stars.

Prices are half decent. A $35.00 BIN for Korean Super Mario All-Stars would be a nice addition to a SNES Collection. The MD drive games are mostly exclusives though, and the price is a bit heftier.


Gamecube Dolphin Dev UnitThanks Brandon!


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