Kotobukiya Shadow of the Colossus Statues

Several years ago, Kotobukiya (a manufacturer of high-end, pop-culture statues) released a beautiful statue inspired by the classic game Shadow of the Colossus. The statue depicts the game’s protagonist, Wander, as he valiantly confronts the game’s first colossus.

The statue has become tremendously rare and highly coveted. It seems, however, that the just released HD remastered ICO/Shadow of the Colossus game has brought a couple of these statues out of the wood work and on to eBay.
This statue is very fragile and it is quite common to find them with some type of imperfection. It is therefore not surprising to find that each one of the three statues currently on eBay are damaged.

Despite the damage though, one of the listings is at nearly $250. This high price for a damaged product speaks to the lengths that some collectors will go to in order to own one. It’ll be interesting to see just how high they all end at.

See all three listings here.


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