Late Merry Christmas & Watch List Dump

I hope Santa was nice to you all. One nifty thing I got game related was an Epic Mario Hat. So awesome that it’s too great for an old fogey like me to wear in public. Picture incoming in time. Anyways, before I post a few nice features, I’ve got to clean up my massive watch list I’ve accumulated.

The Flintstones: Surprise at Dino’s Peak – Rare CIB NES game with a brutally faded box. Thanks Sébastien!
Nintendo 64 Mario Party 2 Sealed PAL Blister Packaging
Loose N64 Adaptoid
Huge Nintendo Power Magazine Lot Issue 19-146 (missing a few and currently super cheap). Thanks Ray!
Nintendo 64 Mario Party 3 NFR Demo
RARE NWC Nintendo World Championship SEMI FINALIST Sticker
Snow Brothers NES Bros Complete in Box
Nintendo NES Little Samson Game Complete
Sticker Variant SNES Boxes
Atari Jaguar Primal Rage
Club Nintendo Mario Playing Cards
PSP AKB48 1/48 Idol to Koishitara Limited Edition
MSX 2 Game – Konami GOFER NEMESIS Episode 2
Lot of 80 Boxed/Complete Super Famicom Games
Lot Of 192 Loose Super Famicom Games
Intellivision Stonix
Lot Of 130 Famicom Games
Intellivision Space Patrol
Intellivision 4 Tris
Nice Tabletop Lot
Atari Jaguar Scatbox
Action 52 NES Complete
PS1 Display Boxes
Xim360 Xim2 Keyboard Mouse Adapter


Super Nintendo T Shirt Power Play Hostess Pepsi

Lighted Sonic Sign


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