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Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Archery Set

These don’t show up stateside too often, and unsurprisingly, this one comes from Germany (with international shipping). Forget the Crossbow training on the Wii – this is how to shoot like Link.

Low starting bid too, which is great as every other one I remember seeing recently comes with some massive BIN.

Auction Here


Nintendo 1970s Zapper and Roulette SetThanks Greenhough!

ColecoVision Exerion Prototype
In other to help me fund my upcoming Super Game Module for the ColecoVision I have decided to auction some of my unreleased prototypes, games I have been porting over the years but have no interest in releasing commercially. First game is Exerion, port of the SG-1000 game, which happens to be a port of an arcade game by Jaleco.
Auction is for the cartridge only, and only 5 copies of the game will be produced. Cartridge comes with standard Opcode prototype label, numbered and signed.

This is the last one up for grabs. The other four have some for between $294.99 and $491.00.

4 Sega Master System Game Manuals
The manuals are for GHOST HOUSE, HANG-ON/SAFARI HUNT, TRANSBOT and WORLD GRAND PRIX. I won these in an eBay auction over 10 years ago and if I recall they were somewhat rare. I’m not an expert on such things, but I seem to recall them being different than the actual manuals that were released for the games, but don’t quote me on it. Any SMS expert will know if they are different.
Any ideas? Also, I think someone sent this to me, but I can`t find the email. Thanks unknown person.

Sega Saturn Promo VHS

Street Fighter II Turbo VHS

TurboGrafx VHS Promo

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