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Let’s Collect the Atari Jaguar!


If you’ve been reading this site you now how I feel about that Atari Jaguar from my post in May about Full Circle: Rocketeer.  I loved all the pre-release hype surrounding the machine and while I did have fun with some of its high profile games, I quickly turned my attention toward the Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64.

I just picked up issue 118 of Retro Gamer and along with the huge piece on the 30th Anniversay of the NES and the Top 25 MegaDrive games (it’s a British magazine after all) chosen by its readers there was a four page spread on the Atari Jaguar.  As I read through the article I realized I may have bailed on the system too early.  In my defense, some of the best games in this article (Total Carnage and Skyhammer) were picked up by independent publishers after the original developers dropped out.

After reading the article twice it got me thinking “What else is out there for the Jaguar?”  The lists below are the fruits of my labor.  Take a look at not only the games but also the developers’ documents and promotional items.  Everything is here to start a Jaguar collection or flesh out what you have so anyone looking at your assembly will think you’ve been running in the Jaguar scene for a long time.

The Games:

Hoverstrike  Towers II  Primal Rage – Jaguar CD  Blue Lightning – Jaguar CD  Ultra Vortex  Tempest 2000  NBA Jam T.E.  Ruiner Pinball  Iron Soldier  MYST demo – Jaguar CD  Robinson’s Requiem – Jaguar CD  Wolfenstein 3D box of six sealed  Phase Zero demo  Missile Command 3D  Aircars  Highlander: The Last of the Macleods – Jaguar CD  I-War  Fight For Life  Super Burnout  Total Carnage  Breakout 2000  Kasumi Ninja with headband (an old link but apparently this comes up often for sale.)

Systems and Accessories:

Team Tap  Jaguar CD Memory Track Cartridge  Jaguar console with 12 games  JagLink Cable Interface  Rotary Dial Controller for Tempest 2000  replacement inserts  replacement controller overlays  Custom Archival game cases (there are a lot of these on Ebay)

Extras and Promotional items:

Press Kit Kiosk photos  Jaguar banner  Jaguar console with rare carrying case  Jaguar Gamers Guide  Jaguar CD postcard  Jagfest Magazines  Jaguar Licensed T-shirt  Display Boxes  Jaguar bumper sticker  “You’ve Been Through the Preliminaries” brochure  Jaguar Arcade kiosk  Jag-Ads 2.0


Iron Soldier  Alien VS Predator  EerieVale

Development Documents:

Hardware notes  CSX Proposal  Synth/Sound manual  Return of Magic Dev Spec  Chaos Agenda Shooting Script  Brett Hull Master Test Report  I-War Mater Test Report





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