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Lifesize Bioshock Little Sister Statue

I think we’ve plugged this before, either that or something by the same seller. His room looks very familiar. Either way, they have a life size Bioshock Little Sister statue up for grabs. She’s even shown next to a life size Big Daddy statue (not for sale) which makes the auction all the more awesome. Not cheap though.



Lineage II Statue – 6 Feet Tall and used on the E3 floor.

Life Size Laura Croft Tomb Raider Statue – This looks amazing (onus points for having Tony Montana in the background too).

Another Tomb Raider Life Size Statue – This one not so much.

Halo Master Chief 40″ Spartan – I thought this was the same as the countless in store promo statues we’ve seen before, but the seller states: THESE STATUES WERE PRODUCED FOR HALO 2 CAST MEMBERS AND ARE UNAVAILABLE FOR SALE ANYWHERE. Who knows?

Gothic 3 Nordmar Warrior Statue

Red Dead Redemption Video Game Promo Box Kit & Displays – One of these sold recently for $180. Contents on this one may be different.

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