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Limited Edition XBOX 360 Consoles – Halo 3 ODST, Pepsi Max & Darksiders

Currently there is not one, but three Limited Edition XBOX 360s on eBay.

First is the Halo 3 ODST Limited Edition. There are actually two ODST LE Consoles, one from a Mountain Dew promotion, and this one from a Best Buy Contest.

These were given away by Best Buy in their “30 DAYS OF HALO SWEEPSTAKES”. You also needed to be a Best Buy Reward Zone program member to win. Thirty of these were available. The last price point I have on this is $660.00 in 2009.

Second is the Pepsi Max Limited Edition. The graphics on this one are essentially a vinyl skin instead of a nice custom airbrushing as we’ve seen on other Limited Edition Contest prize consoles. One owner told me that it looks like they could peel them off very easily.

These were limited to 60 and could be won through a UK Pepsi promotion known as “Cash for Kicks” in 2008. I’ve got previous price points on this at $500.00 in 2009 and $1,500.00 in 2010 which may have been an unpaid bidder.

Lastly we have the Limited Edition Darksiders Xbox 360 Console. From my understanding this was from a contest Limited to UK residents only. To win you had to answer one question: Which comic book and video game artist has designed the Limited Edition Xbox 360? Answer: Joe Madureira. The same guy whose artwork is featured on the console.

Only 10 of these were made. Number 1 sold back in October of 2010, but regrettably I can not find a price to go with it.

Update: The seller tells me he had to answer a differnt question: Who was the forth horseman of the apocalypse? Also they dont think it was a UK only competition.

Seller also has an European Launch Party System and an XBOX 360 Development System.


Iron Comando (Super Famicom)
– This SFC Beat Em Up is pretty hard to find and fetches a nice price. It`s a sweet game too, which graphics that remind me more of the Arcade. Lots of diversified weapons and decent gameplay. Check out a video here.
Nintendo Shirt signed by Eiji Aonuma – This shirt has been given to only a few people who met Eiji Aonuma during a conference in 2007. Eiji Aonuma is the mind behind many titles in The Legend of Zelda series. The shirt comes in Size L and features three Mii images of Nintendo’s Satoro Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aimee and of course the autograph of Mr. Aonuma, dated March 9, 2007.
Mint Carded Zelda Game & Watch – You don`t often see this multi screen game sealed. Seller has other carded ones as well.
Killzone Universe Replica Helghast Assault Rifle – The primary weapon of the Helghast armies is the StA52 Assault Rifle or LAR manufactured by Stahl Arms. The StA52 seems to be more of a modular weapons system than a single weapon, since almost all of the Helghast weapons use a similar drum-style magazine design. It fires more rapidly than the M82 Assault Rifle, but the iron-sights and poor range limit its usefulness at longer ranges; however, it is quite useful at short to mid-range. Crazy price.
Intellivision Psycho Stormtroopers Orphan Overlays – These are series 2 and the auction has a lot of info on the background. I have seen these sell for close to $500.


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