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Like gameSniped? Than consider helping us out with a link! Feel free to use any of the images below.


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  1. Hi,

    I visited your website and found it pretty useful content.
    I invite you to link exchange (3-way link) with our websites(s).
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  2. Hi there

    Would you be interested in doing a link exchange with us, it would be much appreciated if so :o)

    Thanks and kind regards, Colin

  3. Hello dude 🙂

    You have probably already seen me there , after all i follow your website almost since its opening 😉

    Could you send me a mail to my displayed adress ?

    Thanks ,

    regards , Sp!nz

  4. i have a grey video game cartridge from the nintendo world championships to sell along with the shirt that was worn in the competition and the hat with the signatures of all three winners in each catagory. i have no idea how to do this. can you help

    jeff falco salt lake chamption 1993 nintendo world championships id like a phone number to discuss it and i can email you photos

  5. hey dudes. I’ve sent you my banner and link a week ago! Would gladly exchange with you

  6. I was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange. If so toss me an email and we’ll discuss it. Thanks for your time!

  7. I would like to link exchange with everyone here!!

    Contact me at

    I manage about 4-5 sites and can link you to all of them.


  8. would be interested in a link exchange,im a video game collector in the uk ,follow your site alot as im always after rare items .

    thks Dave

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