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The List of Survival Horror Games that Probably Best The Evil Within

Right off the bat, I don’t want to make this post some sort of cranky old guy rant about new video games vs. retro video games. I’m a gamer. Period. I love all sorts of video games on various different consoles (including the PC). I’m also not going to judge the new survival horror game from famed developer, Shinji Mikami, The Evil Within. Personally, I think TEW looks spectacular. I’ve heard critics label it the “game Resident Evil 5 should have been.” This game has really enjoyed a fortuitous release in mid October (just in time for Halloween). In case you’re not familiar, Shinji Mikami was critical in the famed video game where Capcom quite literally created the survival horror moniker as a marketing phrase. Yes, I’m talking about the original Resident Evil trilogy. Instead, I’d like to go in a different direction with this post. This post will focus on some of the classic horror games that shaped the genre and the newer games that continue to influence it. Yes, this is a list of survival horror games that probably best The Evil Within. Some of these games come from Shinji Mikami himself. Before any of you jump down my throat about ancient graphics and outdated game mechanics, I formulated this list entirely from my opinions. If you are interested in playing The Evil Within for a more newschool approach to the genre, I’ve included links to the game. Don’t forget to check out the clip of people testing the game below.

The Evil Within for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

The List of Survival Horror Games that Probably Best The Evil Within:
Resident Evil

Naturally, Shinji Mikami’s original Resident Evil (and its two original sequels) deserves to be on this list. As mentioned above, Capcom invented the marketing phrase ‘survival horror’ to describe this new series. In an interview, Mikami stated that he drew inspiration from the game Sweet Home and the 1979 Luca Fulci film, Zombie. I personally liked RE 3 a bit more than RE 2 (BLASPHEMY!!). But, all three of these games are solid gold!

Silent Hill 4

Silent Hill is almost like the mirror image of Resident Evil. Where RE goes for more jump scares and action, silent hill typically presents players with a limited set of firearms, scarce ammunition, thick atmosphere, and genuinely disturbing enemies who mirror the character’s inner psyche. SH 4 marks a major turn for the series. Some people hated this game. I personally felt it was the strongest entry of all of the original four.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is the grand daddy of survival horror video games. There have been other horror games (I’m looking at you I Have No MouthAnd I Must Scream and Gabriel Nights). But, no other games really encapsulated the survival aspect before Sweet Home came along on the scene.

Alone in the Dark

AitD is basically Resident Evil beta. It takes place in what appears to be an abandoned mansion. You fight off enemies using clunky tank-like controls straight out of Resident Evil 101. And, you get to choose one of two different protagonists. The original is good. But, stay away from the remakes if you value your sanity.


This game is so full of NopeNopeNope moments. It’s incredible. If you only play horror games on your consoles, you are truly missing out. Try this one out in a dark room at 3:00 in the morning the next chance you get!

The List of Survival Horror Games that Probably Best The Evil WithinResident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controllersilent hill pyramid headSilent Hill 4 Soundtrackalone in the darkAmnesia 2Amnesia Sculpture


Well, there you have it (sort of). I definitely missed some classics such as Clock Tower, System Shock 2 (and 1 technically), and Eternal Darkness (which I love). Maybe I’ll make another list with those games thrown in in the future. If you’re interested in checking out a review of The Evil Within, click here. Let us know if any of these games kept you up at nights in our comments section below. Until next…

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