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Get Ready for the LVL UP EXPO With These Rare Vintage Collectibles

Any of you heading to Vegas this weekend? For those of you not in the know, this weekend (May 14 and 15, 2016) is the LVL UP EXPO held in Las Vegas. The two-day event is jam-packed with tons of panels, free game play, a cosplay contest (with a top prize of a cool $1,000), eleven different video game tournaments, and an extensive list of exhibitors and artist. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this yet. It’s still fairly young being that this year is only the fourth year it has taken place. It’s definitely not something you want to dismiss though. The official LVL UP attendance from 2015 was 4,208. They’re expecting much more than that this year!


Make sure you check out our complete overview of this year’s LVL Up Expo

This year’s LVL UP guests include “Angry” Joe of YouTube fame and voice actors (among other things) Steve Blum and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Jeremy Shada is also one of the guests. His long list of talents include musician/singer for the Alt-Punk band Make Out Monday, who will be preforming Saturday night (you can hear their music on iTunes). But more importantly, he is the voice of Finn on Adventure Time! There is also a list of cosplay celebs including Jez Roth, former costume designer for Cirque de Soleil’s “O,” and Stephanie Von Schweetz reprising lasts years guest appearance.

You can check out the official LVL UP EXPO page here.

While we’re on the subject of expos, I found these items from past E3 and PAX conventions:

I also managed to dig up more good stuff:

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