Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Limited Collectors Edition

Apparently this was given away in a contest by This Limited Collectors Edition comes with steel outer case, mini Normandy Lithograph, signed note from Casey Hudson, three Mass Effect novels, Sealed Mass Effect 2 Limited Collectors Edition for the PC, and Sealed Mass Effect 2 Limited Collectors Edition for the Xbox 360

Auction Here (Thanks Brian!)


Grand Theft Auto $100 dollar bill – The bills were distrubuted as an invitiation to the wrap party in Edinburgh to celebrate the completion of work on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and were exclusivly handed out to employees of Rockstar North. The front face of the note depicts CJ Johnson, who was the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas, while the rear face depicts a “drive by” and the slogan “Dress code applies mutha f****”. The bills are dated “10 12 2004 9PM” and are individually numbered to avoid duplication. Only 850 of these notes were ever printed and most ended up ripped by the staff at the venue to avoid re-use.
Halo ODST Paper Helmet – Hand made helmet made out of card stock paper.
Boxed Game Boy Display – This is an original point of purchase display for the Game Boy platform. This display would have been sent to retailers to promote the games and be displayed near the consumer point of purchase. This example was never used and is in mint condition.
N64 The Glove Controller – Kind of like the Power Glove – for N64.
OKAMI Art Amaterasu OOAK Wolf Figure Statue


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