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Mass Effect 3 stuff from SDCC 2011 (Comic Con)

Here are some San Diego Comic Con 11 swags promoting Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Normandy Ship Code for your Xbox 360 Avatar.

Bioware gave some codes away to San Diego Comic Con 11 attendees. A seller is selling 5 of them on ebay right now for $18 each. There’s was one that sold for $102 a few weeks ago (maybe cause it included other SDCC swags?).

Similar codes like these for avatars or characters normally goes for around $20-$50 depending on how popular they are.

Other swags from SDCC 11:

Hotwheels Legendary Van Toy – This was given at the panel where Guillermo Del Toro spoke about his new movie called Pacific Rim.

Invasion Paper Doll and Pin – This seller is selling 3 signed ones by John Jackson Miller, Mac Walters and Michael Heisler. Pretty cheap too at only $13 each +sh.

Mass Effect 3 Inflated Onmiblade



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