Let’s look at Mega Man Stuff

While Capcom is on everyone’s shit list at the moment, some of the Mega Man stuff are shooting up in value (like Tron Bonne for Ps1, is used to be worth jack but lately the value has been going up and up) here are some sold items recently (i had these on my watch list):


Mega Man 9 Press Kit – $300
Mega Man 4 NES Sealed – $814
Mega Man X3 Complete SNES – $269

E-Tank Plush – $165
Very Cool Rockman Collection – $181
Mega Man Exclusive Comic Con 2011 Figure – $76

On Going:

Comic Con Figure – currently $31

Shotglasses (i think theres only one Mega Man shot glass out of the lot) – no bids
Collection of Soundtracks from the X series – $85 no bids

Wonder Festival 2010 Rockman Megamix – $149 no bids

Capcom is on a downward spiral. Maybe not quite, but they should be..


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