Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition Risk Board Game

Yes, board games still exist. As long as consumers still want to play them, Hasbro and USAopoly will keep putting new ones out there. Once upon a time, board games were one of the few family activities we had in our living room. It’s premise is probably one of the things that paved the way to what we call video games.

USAopoly is releasing a Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid RISK board game this November. This isn’t the first time USAopoly have done a version of Risk based on a video game. They did Halo Wars Risk a few years back. But compared to Halo Wars, the Metal Gear Solid version is a limited time offer of only 2,014. I am a sucker and they’ve suckered me into it already 🙂 It’ll probably be gone by the time it comes out and pre-ordering the board game starts on October 3rd til November 15. I could see the press release coming out soon after saying “Due to an overwhelming demand, we’ve decided to put out another so and so and so…”. But who knows. On a final note, this board game is only available to U.S. and Canada due to a licensing agreement as stated on the website.

War has changed.

Private Military Companies have taken the place of state armies as the world’s primary war machines. As the fires of war continue to spread, take command and wage the ultimate battle for supremacy. Hire one of eight legendary bosses to lead your soldiers, including Solid Snake, Raiden and Liquid Ocelot. Coordinate with arms dealers to gain tactical advantages over those who would oppose you.

The age of deterrence is now the age of control. He who controls the battlefield, controls history.

Game comes complete with:
Over 290 custom game pieces:
5 PMC Armies
8 Bosses
Outer Haven Battleship
Drebin’s Shop Cards
Territory Cards
PMC Headquarters
Custom Outer Haven Game Board
Custom Earth Game Board
7 dice

There are now 3 ways to play Risk for faster game play!

AGES 10+
3-5 players

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