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Talking Classics inspired Mini MVS MAME for Charity

I like charity auctions. Most of them are usually unique items but most importantly, they are for a great cause. Open your wallets and give some!

I posted one of these sometime ago but for a Mini Pac Man (sold for $423). This custom NeoGeo Mini MVS MAME cab is for the Alyson Ghizzonis Heart Surgery Fund. The cab itself is based off of Keith Apicary‘s very own MVS on his very popular Talking Classics show on Screw Attack. It even has it’s own custom MALA layout based on the show.


  • iPac2 (Kindly donated by Andy at Ultimarc)
  • Genuine MVS side graphics (to be installed)
  • 4 port USB in the Memory Card slot
  • Front Headphone Jacks
  • NeoGeoRAGEx5.2
  • MAME32Plus and MAME32Plus+
  • Stella
  • Fusion
  • SNES
  • JNES
  • Custom MaLa Frontend

3 Days left, here’s a link to the auction.

Thanks to our forum member Chunkchenko!

-iPac2 (Kindly donated by Andy at Ultimarc)
-Genuine MVS side graphics (to be installed, stupid volcano)
-4 port USB in the Memory Card slot
-Working Front Headphone Jacks
-NeoGeoRAGEx5.2, for all your SNK game needs
-MAME32Plus and MAME32Plus+
-Fusion (play SNATCHER here)
-Custom MaLa Frontend

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