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More Nintendo Musical Cookie Jars – Toad & Peach

The prices on these seem kind of random lately.

Toad is currently $50 with three days to go. Last one sold went for around $100 loose.
Peach is currently $250 with three days to go. She has sold for $275 boxed semi recently.


Promo Sony PlayStation Jet X2O Blue Iceberg Paperweight

Promo SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog Mousepad – The seller of this and the weight has a very cool item soon to be listed. One that I haven`t seen before and sounds awesome.
Large Philips CD-i Lot – Two console, two NFR games, lots of homebrews and more.
Nimble Numbers Ned (Odyssey2/Videopac) CIB – Extremely rare box, but given that it O2 – it might sell cheap.
SongMate by Spectravideo for Atari 2600 New and Sealed


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