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More NWC stuff

This auction, which ends soon at $80, contains:

One Powerfest ad poster, one Guest Pass, one authentic ticket, and a T-shirt.*

*T-shirt may have brown stains of unexplained origin.

Nintendo World Championships 1990 Original Lot

Other occurrances:

Bioshock Infinite With Alternate Cover Signed by Ken Levine and other developers at Irrational Games

Fight Stick Controller Category:
Street Fighter 15th Anniversary stick for PS2 or XBox
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stick Speaking of this game….if you didn’t hear, since the license won’t be renewed, the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom game itself will not be reprinted or resold again. Get one now while they’re still cheap.
Street Fighter vs. Tekken stick (ends soon)
Super Street Fighter IV stick

Expensive Artifacts Category:
Mega Man 4 Complete Plush Set
Secret of Mana Official Promotional Poster

Completely Useless Things That You Stick On Your Body Category:
League of Legends Teemo Hat (she looks confident)
Fallout 3 Vault Boy Hand Puppet

Written by Torque Smacky

Other things I've done, written and pooped out can be found in one place: I am also the founder and editor of BANG! The Entertainment Paper, a Portland publication spotlighting creative talent.

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