Mother 1+2 Set Signed by Shigesato Itoi (Creator of EarthBound)

Another Earthbound item is up for grabs today, a Mother 1+2 GBA Set Signed by Shigesato Itoi.

Up for sale is a copy of Mother 1+2 personally autographed by Shigesato Itoi, the creator of EarthBound and the Mother series, as well as a number of other rare items only available at the official Mother 1+2 event held in Japan on June 20, 2003.

Mother 1+2 was a Game Boy Advance compilation of the first two Mother games (Mother 2 is known outside of Japan as EarthBound), released only in Japan in 2003. Prior to the game’s release a special event was held at a Tsutaya shop in Shibuya. Attendance was capped at 200 people, even though many more had lined up for the event the night before.

A small number of autographed copies of Mother 1+2 were made available at the event, but they were quickly snatched up. Very few have surfaced since – in fact, to date, this is the only one ever made available outside of Japan.

The lucky winner of this listing will receive:

Complete copy of Mother 1+2, autographed by Shigesato Itoi (like-new condition, I’ve personally never opened it)
Mr. Saturn paper bag (very rare and in excellent condition, as far as old paper bags go)
Mother 1+2 Talk Show ticket (extremely rare and in decent condition)
Handbill with messages from Shigesato Itoi, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Satoru Iwata (good condition, was originally folded up like a letter)
Official Nintendo Co., Ltd. envelope (good condition, the handbill above came in it)
Shibuya Tsutaya bag (good condition, not rare or anything but was used to carry all the above stuff during the event)

Each item is unbelievably hard to obtain by itself – having them all in one set is a spectacular find. For more info about the Mother 1+2 event, check out this site and this short documentary I translated a few years ago:

Auction Here


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