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Mouser, what are you doing here?!

I was just talking with a friend a week or so ago about how Mouser from Super Mario Bros 2 has a pretty faithful following, but not much merch to speak of and behold! Out pops a very nice (and sealed) Mouser wind up toy. Sadly, the only other item I’m finding with him on it is this nifty lenticular promotional card for the Gameboy Advance (and it isn’t exactly cheap…)

Prototype Sega Genesis Controller: This would have been neat to have back in the day, but probably would’ve been too expensive for a controller!
Luigi Clock from SMW: Does anyone collect video game clocks? That would be a pretty neat sight to see!
Mario Piggy Bank:Â If Sloth from The Goonies dressed up for Haloween as Mario he would look like….?
Want 2500 Nintendo Scratchoff Cards and Stickers? Me neither!

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