NES Defenders of Dynatron City Cups, Nintendo Gamer Chair & Rare Nintendo Promos

mywantlist has another round of interesting promo items up for sale

Highlights include:


WOW! This is a really RARE, NEW and UNUSED! These cups were given away at the CES trade show to promote the game Defenders of Dynatron City for NES by JVC and LucasArts based on the popular cartoon. In excellent condition. Really COOL and RARE !

NINTENDO POWER store display magazine rack

This is a really neat display rack to promote NINTENDO POWER magazine. It’s RARE and in nice condition. I’m also including some MINT condition magazines to get you started. These contain reviews or help for NES Metroid, Mega Man 3, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, NES Play Action Football 4-Player Strategy Guide. Would be a nice way to display your magazine collection!

NINTENDO GOLD SEAL display sign 18″x14″ CES/E3 NEW RARE

This is a really RARE, NEW display of the NINTENDO GOLD SEAL OF QUALITY. It’s about 18″ x 14″ and in NEW condition. I got the extra ones that Nintendo didn’t use in their booth (CES or E3, don’t recall which), and I just opened one to take a picture. The one you’ll get is still inside a stapled cardboard holder. This looks the same on both sides, with nice gold printed on thick cardboard. It’s designed to be hung from the ceiling (there’s a small hole for a string at the top), but it would look good anywhere in your game room.


WOW! These are so cool and STILL SEALED. This auction is for a set of 6 GIANT STICKERS, which are about 7″ x 7″ each. Mario Luigi Peach and more… very difficult to find items from this era. You get exactly the item pictured. Very rare!

Weird SUPER MARIO WORLD stickers from Japan or Taiwan

STAR FOX 64 wings pin RARE trade show NINTENDO 64 N64


Lot Of 20 Famicom Labels

This auction is for a RARE LOT of 20 Famicom game LABELS ONLY. These are all originals from Japan and other factories in Asia that made Nintendo Famicom game cartridges. Some titles are:

Rockman/Mega Man
Metal Gear
Donkey Kong 3
Mario Bros.
Lupin? (not sure about this one, but it’s pictured)
and many more

Lot 35 Famicom LABELS Donkey Kong Jr,Doki Doki Panic

This auction is for a RARE LOT of 35 Famicom game LABELS ONLY. These are all originals from Japan and other factories in Asia that made Nintendo Famicom game cartridges. Some titles are:

Doki Doki Panic
Rockman/Mega Man
Donkey Kong Jr.
Super Mario Bros./World picture label
Punch Out!
and many more

NINTENDO POWER store display sign 23″x11″ NICE RARE

VINTAGE NINTENDO gamer chair with controller stand arm

This auction is for a Vintage Nintendo gaming chair! This even comes with the special adjustable arm that holds the controller. These are hard to find. The chair is in kind of rough shape… you can see in the second pic that there’s some black tape holding the seat together. The rest of it isn’t too bad, so if you re-tape it and use some leather/vinyl conditioner you’d probably have a decent chair… just like you used to have back in the day. Since it’s a bit rough condition-wise, and will cost a bit more for shipping because it’s heavy, I’m going to start this at $9.99 and let you guys tell me what it’s worth. Buy it early and restore it in time for Christmas !!

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