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NES Nintendo French PAL Blister Packs (& N64 / SNES)

NES Blister Packs are rare, not well known and can fetch crazy prices. There’s a handful of popular games that have easily broke four figures, and I can dig up a few to post in the comments if anyone likes. While we have had at least one American (Canadian actually) Blister Combo Pack, it seems these releases are from the European market, more specifically France (and possibly Holland).

I don’t know a lot about these, so please comment if you do. I had planned to write about these for quite some time and haven’t had a chance to do research, but I just got a nice tip on a current auction ending soon (Thanks Chad!).

Also in addition to NES Blisters, there are Blisters for N64 games, SNES Games and accessories / controllers for several systems.

There’s are a bunch for sale currently, and bear with me, as I’m about to do a massive link dump with current prices and time remaining. There’s at least a couple that look to possibly be opened, so check the pics closely or translate the page contents. Also, I know in Canada, I’ve seen blister packs for pre played games, so if I’m identifying any of these incorrectly, please share.


Super Mario 2 & 3 – $2,371.86 1 Bid, 13 Hours To Go
Legend Of Zelda – $20.42 (8 Days)
Super Mario 3 – $1.00 (8 Days)
Robocop 1,2,3 Set – $657.53 BIN
Kirby’s Adventure – $133.09 (3 Days)
George Foremans KO Boxing – $85.65 No Bids (1 Day)
Krusty’s Funhouse – $85.65 No Bids (1 Day)
Burai Fighter & Spider-Man – $658.85 No Bids (1 Day)
Wizards & Warriors 2 & 3 – $658.85 No Bids (1 Day)
Yoshi’s Cookie – $190.00 BIN
Ice Hockey – $2,199.99 BIN (LOL) OBO


Donkey Kong Country 2 – $118.59 (1 Day)
Secret Of Evermore (Possibly with some sort of bonus) – $92.75 BIN
Starwing (Starfox) – $105.42 No Bids (8 Days)

Bomberman 64 – $11.20 (1 Day)
Super Mario 64 – $38.53 (4 Days)
Lode Runner 3D – $41.97 BIN
Nagano Winter Olympics 97 – $41.97 BIN
Battletanx – $15.81 (6 Days)
Star Wars Racer – $105.28 BIN
Mario 64 (Players Choice) – $342.60 BIN

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